The 3 Secrets of Successful Marketing

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

marketing consistency - Image QuestNo matter the budget, personal skill-set, industry or demographic, a truly successful marketing campaign can only be achieved by dogged consistency. Never expect a single postcard mailing sent to even a laser focused demographic to produce a single result. Don’t put up a website and simply rock back on your heels waiting for the phone to ring or post a lone blog article and expect your web stats to increase.

Consistency is the single most important factor in your marketing toward bringing more clients in touch with your products and services.

Postcards and other mailers

Instead of designing and printing a single postcard run, create at least 3 different runs that deliver to the same households or businesses. Properly designed, and focused on the correct demographic, you can expect this sort of program to yield a 2-5% response rate. Let Image Quest Creative help…

Social Media

When you start a Social Media campaign, be prepared to contribute to it evenly and consistently. If possible, create the social content on your blog and have it feed to your other Social Media resources so you need not copy the content. As with postal mailers, your success will not be with the first article or even the 6th. The benefit will be achieved in better client/company awareness and, as a bonus, in high Search Engine relevance.

Image Quest Creative helps their clients with these and other sorts of marketing challenges. Please allow us to assist YOU!

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