Responsive Design for HOT Mobile Sites

I want my site’s complete branding to carry over my mobile sites’ design.

Mobile Sites - Image Quest CreativeGone are the days when we had to settle for a lackluster version of our website to be readable on a mobile device. We no longer need to worry whether our mobile sites will come up on all mobile platforms or correctly use the screen area on phones as well as tablets.

Enter Responsive Design
Without going into the nuts and bolts of it, Responsive Design allows a single website to continually reconfigure itself as the screen size changes. In other words, your colors, graphics and content areas will independently and automatically shift and shrink to give your mobile sites visitors the optimum viewing experience whether they are using a smartphone or a large desktop monitor.

Branding 101
Businesses must demand Responsive Design for the same reason they use common colors, type and logos for all of their marketing. This is BRANDING CONSISTENCY. If any piece of our marketing is inconsistent with any other, a measure of confusion can result. ANY confusion with our brand, products or services WILL result in a loss of new customers and thus sales.

Is Mobile really a Player?
As I have said in a previous article, mobile platforms from smartphones to tablets account (on average) for 20 to 40% of website traffic. So, YES, mobile is a MAJOR player and if we do not take its influence seriously, our competitors certainly will.

If you would like to see an example of Responsive Design, please open our own site in a desktop browser and then change the size and aspect of the browser window to see this re-positioning happen live. Then, if you have any further questions regarding the technique, please contact us. We would be honored to help you!

James Diaz
Image Quest Creative

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