Is a Mobile Website really necessary?

Image Quest Mobile Website Analytics

Example of major Sacramento Area site’s mobile website viewership (one month).

Short Answer:
Mobile Websites are Imperative.

Even in fringe industries, visits to a company’s mobile website can reach 4o% or more of total visits. To know what devices YOUR traffic is coming from you must connect your site  to Google Analytics or another enterprise traffic data system. I cannot express how IMPORTANT this is for this and many other reasons. In the example at right, one of the highest trafficked mobile websites* in the Sacramento, CA market is shown to receive almost 30% mobile visitors.

Can’t mobile viewers see my site NOW?

The answer is, of course, BUT unless your website is configured to display properly on their smaller screens, 8 out of 10 visitors will BOUNCE (leave immediately). This is because without continually scrolling and zooming, the content will be unreadable.

Do I need to create a separate site that is configured for mobile?

Yes and No. This depends solely on what kind of Content Management System (CMS) you are using to edit your site. If you or your web developer is editing the site statically in HTML then two different sites will need to be created and maintained. This comes with the inconvenience of twice the work and the risk of errors and omissions. Also, special server side software must be installed to direct visitors to the desktop or mobile website that matches their device.

What is the correct solution?

Using WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or a variety of other dynamic CMS systems, you are offered a variety of options that directly connects your site content with a mobile website template. One of these options is a light-weight layout that is basic but functional and will display all or most of your site content but in a way that is easily viewable on a mobile device without zooming. The other is a “Responsive” design layout that will automatically conform to the visitors screen size and proportion. As opposed to a separate mobile website template, it configures ONE site that will seemingly morph to any size right before your visitors’ eyes. Responsive designs can be costly but offer a premium and consistent visitor experience over almost all screen sizes. Also, you will be able to edit the site content yourself!


Have a look at our site at If you are on your desktop machine, simply change your window to some different sizes and proportions to see this “Responsive” magic. ALSO, when you feel you want to move over to this kind of website, please allow Image Quest to further guide you.


*B2C, non-shopping cart

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