Wait! Can’t I market my own business?

Bring a marketing consultant on board to get you started.

Marketing Consultant - Image QuestLet’s face it, nobody knows your business quite like you do and you might not have the time to explain your business to an ad man (or woman) to get it effectively marketed at a price a small business can afford.

Enter the Marketing Consultant. A marketing consultant’s role can be anything from simply an adviser or ad scheduler to that of an third arm for your organization. Properly utilized, an effective marketing consultant can scale the growth of your¬†promotions as your company grows by the success of those same promotions. The upside is that a consultant can be utilized within your budget to simply supplement your own marketing efforts.

Consistent Print Advertising

A marketing consultant can help you coordinate, schedule and effectively distribute print pieces that are designed to attract new customers and promote new products to your existing customer base.

Online Marketing

Properly conceived online¬†communication and promotion should be a major focus in any marketing program and it doesn’t need to be expensive. From correctly communicated messages, through website optimization, social marketing and all of the way to fresh page and blog article content, your online presence has never been more important.

To stay within your budget, please allow Image Quest Creative to assist your marketing effort. Then YOU can decide how much of the work you want to do.

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