How can I get my website ranked higher in the search engine results?

A website can be ranked higher in the search engines both passively and actively:
The passive method involves editing the html code of the page in such a way to give the search engines and their “searchers” and accurate picture of the goods and services your company provides. A correctly coded page will bring it higher in the SE results. The passive method can take from 6 to 8 weeks to yield results. Contact us; we can help.
We do not and will not employ any code that may “trick or fool” a search engine into increasing your exposure. These methods, if discovered, can often result in blocking your site from searches.
The active method requires that you purchase certain “keywords” that pertain to your business and that searchers will likely use to find you. When the user enters those words, your ad is brought up and ranked depending on your budget. You are charged for those words only when the searcher clicks on the ad. The active method can yield results almost immediately. Contact us; we can help you to setup up your own Adwords account.

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