Direct Mail Marketing’s Awesome Secret

How can Direct Mail compete with today’s Online Marketing?

Direct Mail - Image QuestWith the saturation and over-expectations of Search Engine Optimization, keyword bidding, social marketing and the unending need for fresh content, it has become an expensive process to keep your local or regional business noticed on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong! SEO, SEM and the rest are still demanded but, depending on your industry, the measure of your online marketing success depends greatly on your budget.

Re-enter Direct Mail

You may have noticed that your former volume of incoming business direct-mail has reduced dramatically in the past few years. The obvious and correct reason for this was the initially high ROI gained by using the aforementioned online marketing techniques. This is no longer the case as the big boys with cavernous pockets virtually flood major industries with multi-million dollar online campaigns.
The little known secret is that NOW full-color printing and local direct-mailing costs have dropped dramatically to compete with this Internet marketing onslaught. Now, with the tables turned we have a window of opportunity to take advantage of this promotion gem.

Message, Presentation & Demographic

The challenge then becomes: “How do I capture customers with direct mail?” The answer is simple and yet, not so simple.

  • Your message MUST be high-impact, concise and easy to understand.
  • Your presentation must be professional and eye-catching.
  • Your piece MUST be delivered to people or businesses that can use your product or service.

Marketing professionals have had leagues of experience with campaigns and resources that cover all of the important aspects of this checklist. Though some businesses have taken it upon themselves to develop their own campaigns, it can be extremely time-consuming to create an efficient process. At the very least, you may want to consult with a pro before tackling this beast.

Image Quest can help your business grow through direct mail and by connecting it to your existing online marketing. If these online tools are missing or in the works, we can further assist you.

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