Responsive Design for HOT Mobile Sites

I want my site’s complete branding to carry over my mobile sites’ design. Gone are the days when we had to settle for a lackluster version of our website to be readable on a mobile device. We no longer need to worry whether our mobile sites will come up on all mobile platforms or correctly use the screen area on phones as well as tablets. Enter Responsive Design Without going into the nuts and bolts of it, Responsive Design allows a single website to continually reconfigure itself as the screen size changes. In other words, your colors, graphics and content areas will independently and automatically shift and shrink to give your mobile sites visitors the optimum viewing experience whether they are using a smartphone or a large desktop monitor. Branding 101 Businesses must demand Responsive Design for the same reason they use common colors, type and logos for all of their marketing. This is BRANDING CONSISTENCY. If any piece of our marketing is inconsistent with any other, a measure of confusion can result. ANY confusion with our brand, products or services WILL result in a loss of new customers and thus sales. Is Mobile really a Player? As I have said in a previous article, mobile platforms from smartphones to tablets account (on average) for 20 to 40% of website traffic. So, YES, mobile is a MAJOR player and if we do not take its influence seriously, our competitors certainly will. If you would like to see an example of Responsive Design, please open our own site in a desktop browser and then change the size and aspect of the browser window to see this re-positioning happen live. Then, if you have any further questions regarding the technique, please contact us. We would be honored to help you! James Diaz Image Quest...
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Direct Mail Marketing’s Awesome Secret

How can Direct Mail compete with today’s Online Marketing? With the saturation and over-expectations of Search Engine Optimization, keyword bidding, social marketing and the unending need for fresh content, it has become an expensive process to keep your local or regional business noticed on the internet. Don’t get me wrong! SEO, SEM and the rest are still demanded but, depending on your industry, the measure of your online marketing success depends greatly on your budget. Re-enter Direct Mail You may have noticed that your former volume of incoming business direct-mail has reduced dramatically in the past few years. The obvious and correct reason for this was the initially high ROI gained by using the aforementioned online marketing techniques. This is no longer the case as the big boys with cavernous pockets virtually flood major industries with multi-million dollar online campaigns. The little known secret is that NOW full-color printing and local direct-mailing costs have dropped dramatically to compete with this Internet marketing onslaught. Now, with the tables turned we have a window of opportunity to take advantage of this promotion gem. Message, Presentation & Demographic The challenge then becomes: “How do I capture customers with direct mail?” The answer is simple and yet, not so simple. Your message MUST be high-impact, concise and easy to understand. Your presentation must be professional and eye-catching. Your piece MUST be delivered to people or businesses that can use your product or service. Marketing professionals have had leagues of experience with campaigns and resources that cover all of the important aspects of this checklist. Though some businesses have taken it upon themselves to develop their own campaigns, it can be extremely time-consuming to create an efficient process. At the very least, you may want to consult with a pro before tackling this beast. Image Quest can help your business grow through direct mail and by connecting it to your existing online marketing. If these online tools are missing or in the works, we can further assist...
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Wait! Can’t I market my own business?

Bring a marketing consultant on board to get you started. Let’s face it, nobody knows your business quite like you do and you might not have the time to explain your business to an ad man (or woman) to get it effectively marketed at a price a small business can afford. Enter the Marketing Consultant. A marketing consultant’s role can be anything from simply an adviser or ad scheduler to that of an third arm for your organization. Properly utilized, an effective marketing consultant can scale the growth of your promotions as your company grows by the success of those same promotions. The upside is that a consultant can be utilized within your budget to simply supplement your own marketing efforts. Consistent Print Advertising A marketing consultant can help you coordinate, schedule and effectively distribute print pieces that are designed to attract new customers and promote new products to your existing customer base. Online Marketing Properly conceived online communication and promotion should be a major focus in any marketing program and it doesn’t need to be expensive. From correctly communicated messages, through website optimization, social marketing and all of the way to fresh page and blog article content, your online presence has never been more important. To stay within your budget, please allow Image Quest Creative to assist your marketing effort. Then YOU can decide how much of the work you want to...
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The 3 Secrets of Successful Marketing

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. No matter the budget, personal skill-set, industry or demographic, a truly successful marketing campaign can only be achieved by dogged consistency. Never expect a single postcard mailing sent to even a laser focused demographic to produce a single result. Don’t put up a website and simply rock back on your heels waiting for the phone to ring or post a lone blog article and expect your web stats to increase. Consistency is the single most important factor in your marketing toward bringing more clients in touch with your products and services. Postcards and other mailers Instead of designing and printing a single postcard run, create at least 3 different runs that deliver to the same households or businesses. Properly designed, and focused on the correct demographic, you can expect this sort of program to yield a 2-5% response rate. Let Image Quest Creative help… Social Media When you start a Social Media campaign, be prepared to contribute to it evenly and consistently. If possible, create the social content on your blog and have it feed to your other Social Media resources so you need not copy the content. As with postal mailers, your success will not be with the first article or even the 6th. The benefit will be achieved in better client/company awareness and, as a bonus, in high Search Engine relevance. Image Quest Creative helps their clients with these and other sorts of marketing challenges. Please allow us to assist...
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Is a Mobile Website really necessary?

Short Answer: YES!! Mobile Websites are Imperative. Even in fringe industries, visits to a company’s mobile website can reach 4o% or more of total visits. To know what devices YOUR traffic is coming from you must connect your site  to Google Analytics or another enterprise traffic data system. I cannot express how IMPORTANT this is for this and many other reasons. In the example at right, one of the highest trafficked mobile websites* in the Sacramento, CA market is shown to receive almost 30% mobile visitors. Can’t mobile viewers see my site NOW? The answer is, of course, BUT unless your website is configured to display properly on their smaller screens, 8 out of 10 visitors will BOUNCE (leave immediately). This is because without continually scrolling and zooming, the content will be unreadable. Do I need to create a separate site that is configured for mobile? Yes and No. This depends solely on what kind of Content Management System (CMS) you are using to edit your site. If you or your web developer is editing the site statically in HTML then two different sites will need to be created and maintained. This comes with the inconvenience of twice the work and the risk of errors and omissions. Also, special server side software must be installed to direct visitors to the desktop or mobile website that matches their device. What is the correct solution? Using WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or a variety of other dynamic CMS systems, you are offered a variety of options that directly connects your site content with a mobile website template. One of these options is a light-weight layout that is basic but functional and will display all or most of your site content but in a way that is easily viewable on a mobile device without zooming. The other is a “Responsive” design layout that will automatically conform to the visitors screen size and proportion. As opposed to a separate mobile website template, it configures ONE site that will seemingly morph to any size right before your visitors’ eyes. Responsive designs can be costly but offer a premium and consistent visitor experience over almost all screen sizes. Also, you will be able to edit the site content yourself! Examples? Have a look at our site at If you are on your desktop machine, simply change your window to some different sizes and proportions to see this “Responsive” magic. ALSO, when you feel you want to move over to this kind of website, please allow Image...
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