Responsive Design for HOT Mobile Sites

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I want my site’s complete branding to carry over my mobile sites’ design.

Mobile Sites - Image Quest CreativeGone are the days when we had to settle for a lackluster version of our website to be readable on a mobile device. We no longer need to worry whether our mobile sites will come up on all mobile platforms or correctly use the screen area on phones as well as tablets. (more…)

Direct Mail Marketing’s Awesome Secret

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How can Direct Mail compete with today’s Online Marketing?

Direct Mail - Image QuestWith the saturation and over-expectations of Search Engine Optimization, keyword bidding, social marketing and the unending need for fresh content, it has become an expensive process to keep your local or regional business noticed on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong! SEO, SEM and the rest are still demanded but, depending on your industry, the measure of your online marketing success depends greatly on your budget. (more…)

Wait! Can’t I market my own business?

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Bring a marketing consultant on board to get you started.

Marketing Consultant - Image QuestLet’s face it, nobody knows your business quite like you do and you might not have the time to explain your business to an ad man (or woman) to get it effectively marketed at a price a small business can afford. (more…)

The 3 Secrets of Successful Marketing

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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

marketing consistency - Image QuestNo matter the budget, personal skill-set, industry or demographic, a truly successful marketing campaign can only be achieved by dogged consistency. Never expect a single postcard mailing sent to even a laser focused demographic to produce a single result. Don’t put up a website and simply rock back on your heels waiting for the phone to ring or post a lone blog article and expect your web stats to increase. (more…)

Is a Mobile Website really necessary?

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Image Quest Mobile Website Analytics

Example of major Sacramento Area site’s mobile website viewership (one month).

Short Answer:
Mobile Websites are Imperative.

Even in fringe industries, visits to a company’s mobile website can reach 4o% or more of total visits. To know what devices YOUR traffic is coming from you must connect your site  to Google Analytics or another enterprise traffic data system. I cannot express how IMPORTANT this is for this and many other reasons. In the example at right, one of the highest trafficked mobile websites* in the Sacramento, CA market is shown to receive almost 30% mobile visitors. (more…)

Social Media and Search Engines Results

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Image Quest Social MediaSocial Media Needs to be addressed…

Links to your website from Social Media services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more are fast becoming a reliable relevance resource for Search Engines. Be above board and treat all of your Social Media with truth and weekly consistency to really begin to funnel traffic to your business. Let Image Quest Creative show you how to connect your site and blog to your social networks.

…and… (more…)

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